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Revisiting my favourites

I was trying to find some of my favourite historical posts on this blog (yes, I do have some posts I like more than others, despite having written them all myself) and found it all something of a trial, so I decided to do a little list:

Anna’s own historical favourites:

1. Kristina Gyllenstierna – a.k.a as “the fighter in skirts”

2. Queen Kristina of Sweden – a.k.a. “the boy – oops, the girl – born to be king”

3. Queen Margareta of Denmark – a.k.a. as “the king without trousers”

4. Queen Maria Eleonora of Sweden – a.k.a.”the crazy bat with the heart”

5. James Hepburn – a.k.a. “the madman in the dungeon”

6. Pocahontas – a.k.a. “the faded colours in the wind”

7. St Teresa – a.k.a. “the saint in the kitchen”

8. Armegut – a.k.a. “the colonial amazon”

9. Erik XIV – a.k.a. “the jilted suitor”

10. The Magnusson brothers – a.k.a. “loving brothers in medieval Sweden”

11. Of inbreeding

12. Of tulips and chocolate sprinkles

13. Of potatoes – the true gold of the Andes

14. Leonora Christina – a.k.a. “the treasonous princess”

15. Dressed for success

Plus, I rather like this post about my most imaginary and still very tangible 17th century man – When I dream, I dream of him

Sheesh, that was a difficult exercise!


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