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Self-Publishing: An Author’s Experiences

I visit with Stephanie of Layered Pages

Layered Pages

Anna Belfrage photo 2

I am pleased and honored to welcome back one of my favorite writers, B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree Anna Belfrage. Whom I will have the honor of meeting soon at the Historical Fiction Society in Denver at the end of this month. She always has a kind word, gives great advice and is so supportive of her readers and fellow authors. She is a treasure. Not only that, her stories will touch your heart and change your life. I can’t thank Anna enough for bringing such wonderful stories to us all and I am waiting calmly as best as I can for her new stories to come.

When she isn’t writing a novel, she is probably working on a post or catching up on her reading. Or standing about on a crossroads and wondering why time isn’t unravelling at her feet… Other than work and writing, Anna finds time to bake and…

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