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…and the winners are…

HNSIndieFinalist2016A very brief post just to say that the 2016 HNS Indie Award winner have now been revealed at the HNS Oxford conference!

The judges had a major headache. Four quality books – very different – and we read and read, deliberated and deliberated. We graded and ranked, discussed and deliberated some more. And the outcome of all this is that we have TWO winners – we simply could not put one before the other.

The HNS Indie Award has as its purpose to recognise the high-quality indie books out there – and there are very many high quality books, both from a content perspective as well as from an overall presentation/layout perspective. All four finalists were produced to a standard as good as anything by mainstream – and all four finalists are accomplished writers, breathing life into character, setting and plot.

The two winners are Barbara Sjoholm with Fossil Island and Lucienne Boyce with Bloodie Bones. Both books were a pleasure to read! Congratulations!

Read more about the winners on my previous posts:





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4 thoughts on “…and the winners are…

  1. Congratulations to Barbara and Lucienne – and thank you to our judges and the our anonymous gentleman who generously sponsored the modest prize money

  2. Congratulations to winners and finalists. I promise myself I will get through my ‘to read’ list one day. These sound so good.

  3. Reblogged this on lorettalivingstone and commented:
    Some worthy winners and finalists for the 2016 HNS Indie Award.

  4. Bravo and well done. Congratulations all around.

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